Now we're ghosts and we're praying for winter

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Osric Chau asking a question at the Supernatural Comic Con panel.

Filed under I WANT ONE Osric Chau is the most adorable human ever and he's cosplaying Journey!! and I want Kevin back ;______; supernatural spn

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Come and meet artist Thenizu at EuroAirdotCon 2014




Alice (Thenizu), 25, a very, very cautious optimist. Grown up among adults who left her play with markers in a corner, has soon realised that a true passion is what makes you overcome the difficulties. Thanks to the markers, drawing has become her passion. Mostly self-taught, has always…

YOOOOOO, self-promotion 8DDD

YOOOOOO, friend-promotion 8DDD

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everyone in this city knows my pets but nobody knows my name and I kinda love it

Tonight at 4am I got woken up by the dog because he somehow managed to close himself out in the terrace during a storm and he was soaked he promptly jumped on my mother’s bed

one hour later the cat was meowing because somehow she was out in the landing waiting for someone to let her in the house (I wonder how she got there since the only way into the condominium is a closed door, but this cat has misterious ways. She probably jumped on the roof and got in one of the neighbors’ houses through a window and they let her out)

stay in the fucking house you two and let me sleep :|

but I love to go to the open-air market with the dog because I can let him free and people greet me with -Hi, I knew you were around because I’ve seen Scott three metres ago-

yeah, he’s buying groceries

Filed under my pets and people greet him and ask him how he's doing and he just look at them like I can't talk but let me wag my tail at you